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Why Can't I Add Someone On Facebook?

3 Monate 2 Wochen her #47230 von Online Geeks (onlinegeeks123)
Are you facing problems in adding someone on Facebook? Then this forum is for you. If your question is Why Can't I Add Someone On Facebook then we would like to tell you that there can be many reasons for it. Let's discuss few of them:

• Privacy Settings [They Changed Their Privacy Settings to Friends of Friends Only]
• Previous Requests [They Haven't Accepted Your Friend Request]
• Blocked [You Have Blocked Them or You Are Blocked]
• Restricted [They Have Restricted Friend Request]
• Reached Friend Limit [You or Another Person Has Reached the Friend Limit]
• Technical Glitches [Facebook May Not be Working or Is Down]

For better and in-depth information visit our website and read our article to know more about this problem.

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3 Monate 1 Woche her #47235 von Lucy Chow (LucyCoffee)
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2 Monate 3 Wochen her #47272 von frank nancy (Nancyfrank)
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